The importance of sharing for HEIs

The University of Hong Kong has recently signed an agreement with Springer regarding a trial of Open Access to materials – as well as signing the Berlin Declaration.

While the detail of this particular agreement can be discussed – and has been raised on the JISC Repositories list – a posting from David Palmer at the University highlighted the strategic thinking that underlies the work that is being done in the area. See the webpage “Promoting Knowledge Exchange and Demenstrating Leadership in Communitites Across the Region” on the University’s website.

This is an articulate and concise exploration of why knowledge exchange is important to an HE institution; the interconnectedness of the institution, staff, alumni, local community and the wider outside world; and the inseperability of knowledge exchange with teaching, learning and research.

PS And, thankfully, such strategic ambitions now do seem to be trumping the old argument of the “free-rider” problem: of commercial companies being able to make money from research being given to them for free, previously raised by publishers, without a hint of irony.

Bill Hubbard

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